Sea Jerky - Fish Tiddlers


Dogs love these tasty, delicious treats!

Made from 100% fish skins these natural low calorie treats have a rough texture which not only help remove tartar from your dog’s teeth but have a taste dogs adore.

A fish rich diet can help with:

    • Coat condition – The Omega 3 in Fish oils will do wonders for your dogs coat.
    • Skin condition – The Omega 3 in Fish oils help reduce dry and irritated skin.
    • Joint Mobility – the anti inflammatory properties of Omega 3 can help make tired and aching joints more supple.
    • Brain and eye development – Omega 3 and the mineral balance in Fish is a major factor in development.
    • Digestion and gut health– The easier digestibility of fish protein reduces the growth of unwanted gut bacteria and is a help for dogs with sensitive tummies and older dogs with slower digestive systems.
    • A taste dogs adore – the stronger aromas and flavours of fish are a welcome alternative to more bland foods often found these days.

100g pack