Low Fat Pet Food Featured on Online Retail Store for Pet Lovers June 06 2013, 1 Comment

WEBWIRE – Thursday, June 06, 2013

LINDFIELD, Australia June, 2013 – As many Australians scale the endless amounts of shopping aisles searching for healthy nutritious food, so too are pet owners Australia-wide confronted with a seemingly endless amount of pet food choices and the challenge of selecting the best healthy pet food options for their beloved pet. One online retail store, founded by a pet lover, is making this search easier by only selling healthy pet food and treats, so that beloved animals stay healthy inside and out.

When Millie Chen, Director of Coddles Generation, launched her organisation, she knew that she wanted to make pets her first and foremost priority. Millie says, “I started this company because I am a fanatic pet lover and I want the best for all pets, and this starts with nutrition.”

Millie continues, “I have done extensive research about the sorts of foods we should be giving to our beloved four-legged friends and have recently opened an online store that sells pet food with health benefits.”

Coddles Generation’s online retail store offers the most delicious and nutritious treats for pets – 100% natural, with no artificial colour or flavour. One of their bestsellers is Fit’n’Flash (a low fat ‘treat’) comes in three different flavours:

  • Fit’n’Flash Chicken Fillets- Made with human grade chicken breast fillets, contain a very low fat content of only 2-3%.
  • Fit’n’Flash Kangaroo Fillets- Made with human grade meat, contain a very low fat content of only 1%. The flavour is gamey, which animals love.
  • Fit’n’Flash Liver- Liver is the traditional treat given to dogs. Not only is it tasty, but it’s also a great snack in between meals.

Dogs and cats love the taste of each variation of Fit’n’Flash, but pet owners also have the confidence that they are feeding the very best quality ‘treat’ to their pet.
Coddles Generation’s healthy pet food choices are fast becoming very popular among health-conscious and responsible pet owners.

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Benefits of Healthy Pet Food and Treats Revealed by Aussie Animal Lover May 14 2013, 1 Comment

WEBWIRE– Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LINDFIELD, Australia April 2013, – Most people are aware that maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise are the two most important keys to a healthy life. What some people don’t know is that animals need healthy food and exercise too. With a surge in the number of pet owners being told by their vets to put their beloved four-legged baby on a ‘doggy diet’, there has been a simultaneous rise in pet owners looking at the nutritional value of pet food and making the switch to healthier options.  One Lindfield healthy online pet store is catering to this increasing consumer demand by offering healthy pet foods and treats.

Millie Chen, director of Coddles Generation says, “Nutrition is crucial to the wellbeing and welfare of our cherished pets. We, as human beings, need to take care of our health with good nutritious food – the same is true with our beloved animal friends. So I decided to do extensive research on the nutritional value of various pet food options. When we launched the Coddles Generation website, we made sure that all the products we sell at our healthy online pet store are 100% natural with no added preservatives, no colouring, and no artificial flavouring so everyone who visits our store can be sure they’re giving their pets only the best.”

Coddles Generation offers a vast array of healthy pet food that includes Fish4Dogs.  A diet rich in fish oils and Omega 3 can aid with:

  • Coat condition – The Omega 3 in fish oils will do wonders for a dog’s coat,
  • Skin condition – The Omega 3 in fish oils helps reduce dry and irritated skin,
  • Joint mobility – The anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3 can help make tired and aching joints suppler,
  • Brain and eye development – Omega 3 and the mineral balance in fish is a major factor in development,
  • Digestion and gut health – The easier digestibility of fish protein reduces the growth of unwanted gut bacteria and helps those dogs who are prone to sensitive tummies and also older dogs with slower digestive systems, and
  • Above all, Fish4Dogs has a taste dogs adore – the stronger aromas and flavours of fish are a welcome alternative to the more bland foods often found in standard pet food.

Millie has made it her life’s mission to provide animals with low fat, healthy pet food but her services also include providing safe shelter during those times when pet owners need to travel. Millie initially founded Coddles Generation in 2009 as a pet minding service but due to the overwhelming response to her love, care and focus on pet health, the organisation quickly expanded into other areas including offering healthy pet food and treats to her ‘in-house’ four-legged, furry guests as well as to loved doggies and moggies Australia-wide.  The entire range of healthy pet food can be found at online at

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