About Us

Many pet owners worry about going for a holiday or working long hours. They feel guilty and worry-sick of leaving their beloved pets behind for any extended period of time. Owning a pet should be a wonderful and stress-free experience but many pet owners may not have the time for their pets.

Coddles Generation has been established in 2009 as a pet minding service. As an animal lover and a dog owner, we want the best for our dogs. We’ve heard too many terrible things happened to those poor dogs sent to the kennels in a restraint, caged environment. Coddles Generation was created for the best interest of taking care of dogs in the comfort of a home environment.


Coddles Generation provides services like:

– Doggie Day Care

– Doggie Holiday Minding

– Doggie Walking

– Doggie Training

Kindly contact us if you have any enquiries and we will solve it for you!